AUTOmass Boiler

Automatic Solid Fuel Loaded Hot Water Boilers. Manufacturing appropriate to EN303-5


AUTOmass Boiler

OOPK Type Automatic Fuel Loaded Hot Water Boilers

  • Automatic Solid Fuel Loaded Hot Water Boilers. Manufacturing  appropriate to EN303-5
  • Boilers are manufactured according to the latest European Norms (EN 303-5).
  • All the welders are certified by the independent institutions (ISO 9606)
  • The materials are completely appropriate to the related norms for boiler production.
  • The boilers are put under a hydrostatic test with water as 1.5 times of the design pressure.
  • Inside the door there is a refractory material with high insulation specs and the boiler body is insulated to the operator to hang the minimum heat loss.
  • Large volume of service bunker  provide large capacity of fuel
  • Easy to reach the burning box combustion starts here
  • Burning fuel feeding box is fixed on the body boiler and water cooled type. Because of these the specifications it does not experience deformation and it does not need refractory materials.
  • It is easy to manually remove the ashes from the burning box.
  • ÖZMAKSAN the Automatic Loaded Solid Fuel Hot Water Boilers have a fuel feeding system from the bottom.
  • Because of it's special interior design and sensitive control panel, the efficiency can reach to 88%.
  • OOPK series boilers are compact body and environment friend ly because of it's high efficiency.
  • By the help of the functional and sensitive control panel, the boiler is operated efficiently and economically.
  • It is possible to control the temperature of the boiler operation from the control panel.
  • It is also possible to make adjustments for the operation of the reducer motor  according to  the changing conditions
  • When the boiler outlet water temperature reach the required degree, burning fan and the reducer motor stops and the boiler passes to stand by mode.
  • The adjustments for fuel feeding unit can be easily changed.
  • When the boiler temperature exceed 90 C the limit thermostat, fan and motor reducer stops , but circulation pump continues to work.
  • All the Solid Fuel Hot Water Boilers should be connected to open expansion system to prevent any possibility of explosion.
  • There is a manual lapel on the chimney outlet connection.
  • There also a lapel to set the flow rate of burning fan air amount.
  • There is no possibility of losing the fire because the fuel is loaded from the bottom.