• 47.th Years in Steam Boiler and Central Heating Sector

    Exactly about 47 years, Manufacturing according to World Wide standards, improving new equipments to fire alternatives fuel types. Our company is one of the leading company in Turkiye and specialist for manufacturing High Pressure Steam Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Central Heating Boilers.

  • Energy Recovery Equipments and Pressure Vessels

    Manufacturing Accumulation tanks for Geothermal Energy Stations, Reactors for Petroleum Refineries, Energy Recovery Equipments, Waste heat recovery Boilers, Biowaste fired Boilers, Requperators, Economiser, Flash Steam Tanks, Condensing Central heating boilers. Overground and Underground storage tanks, heat Exchangers

  • National and International References

    Satisfying the national and international projects Pressure Vessel needs. OZMAKSAN is the supplier of many Project like the companies of Emirates, Weatherford, JUB Group, Aygaz, Abdi İbrahim, Penti Socks, Koruma Klor, Aves, and many public institutions …

  • Özmaksan Gaziantep Plant


Our aims are to improving service quality and customer satisfaction; manufacturing according to current and updated standards which accepted by hole World, following technical developments and manufacturing conditions of pressure vessels, in breif; improving all conditions and procedures which effects the quality of manufacturing. We are presenting our Quality Certificates as proof of our aims



The company has the largest capacity in the region of Southern Eastern Anatolia, 14.000 m2 manufacturing plant and large product range of Pressure Vessels for Industrial and Domestic usage areas since 1976; High Pressure Steam Boilers, Thermal Oil Boilers, Superheated Water Boilers, Steam Generators, Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Waste Heat Recovery Equipments; Economizers, Acumulation Tanks, Seperators, Flash Steam Tanks, Superheated Water Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Fuel Storage Tanks, Steel Central Heating Boilers With Alternative Fuel Options...