ECONOmass Boiler

Solid Fuel Fired, Reverse Flame technology. Manufacturing appropriate to 2014/68/EU and EN 303-5


ECONOmass Boiler

OKBK series Solid Fuel Fired Hot Water Boilers

  • OKBK series solid fuel boliers are designed as Reverse Flame tecnology.
  • This  is an original manually loaded solid fuel fired boiler. 
  • Easy to modify it to operate with a Gas or Fuel Oil Burner.
  • Each phase of manufacturing process; quality  control is applied in accordance with the related directive 2014/68/EU and EN 303-5 norms.
  • The front door is insulated by a special refractory material durable up to high temperatures.
  • The boiler body insulated by glass wool and covered by galvanized sheet metal.
  • It is not neccessary  to put fire bricks inside the  furnace.
  • Heat transfer  inside heating surfaces occurs mostly as radiation and some of occours as conduction
  • Because of it’s compact desing it occupies less space with high energy performance.
  • Combustion efficiency is further %20 than the older desings and can be reach to %90.
  • Boiler thermic calculations are done based on the coal with LHV=6500kcal/kg.
  • Intervention of the flame is easy from front door  
  • Burning fan  is attached on the boiler.
  • Possible to control the operation temperature by the help of the control panel which exists on the boiler.

Standart equipments

  • Burning fan
  • Control panel
    • 1 Pcs Control Thermostats 
    • 1 Pcs safety limit thermostat
    • Fan on\off switch
    • Boiler thermometer