JUMBOmass Boiler

Solid Fuel Fired, Scotch Type, Three passes Designed and Manually fuel loaded Hot Water Boilers appropriate to 2014/68/EU , EN 303-5 and TS 497 norms


JUMBOmass Boiler

OKK Type Solid Fuel Fired Hot Water Boilers

  • These are complete cylindirical,Scotch type and three passes boilers.
  • Manually fuel loaded designed Boilers
  • Easily to modify it to operate with a gas or Liquid fuel burner.
  • The front door is coated with a special refractory material durable up to high temperatures.
  • It has larger water volume than competitor boiler and has long life.
  • Combustion efficency of this boiler can reach to %91.
  • Low specific load rate supplies long therm economical usage and low fuel consumption.
  • The boiler body is insulated by glass wool and covered by galvanized sheet metal. It has very low insulation loss.
  • Because of it is perfect smoke way design it supplies high efficiency in heat transfer.
  • Because of it is low consumption of fuel, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Boiler thermic calculations are done according to the coal with LHV=6500 kcal/kg.
  • Fuel feeding is manually and an intervention cover located to follow the flame and burning inside.
  • Control panel is optional in these boilers
  • Burning fan is also optional. In some cases such as fine natural draugth from chimney, fan may not be neccessary.
  • Each stage of production and quality control is performed in accordance with relevant norm as 2014/68/EU , EN 303-5 and TS 497