TRInITY Boiler

Liquid Fuel and Gas Fuel fired, Three Passes Designed Hot water Boilers. Appropriate to 92/42/AT, 90/396/AT, TS497 and TS EN303-304


TRInITY Boiler

TRINITY Type Hot Water Boilers

  • Liquid Fuel and Gas fuel fired boilers have special 3 pass design in the range of Ozmaksan new generation series.
  • This new generation boilers have very effective heat transfer characteristic with optimum thermal balance.
  • Large water volume and optimum balance long-life usage for these boilers. 
  • With the rigth burner,  perfect combustion can be caugth easily.  Especially by the help of the gas turbulators,  increasing convection heat transfer inside the tube surface causes high performance. 
  • The burners should preferably have sliding base. 
  • Each phase of manufacturing process;  quality control is applied in accordance with the related directive 92/42/EEC PED, 90/396/EEC,  TS497 and TS EN303-304 norms.
  • The front door is coated with a special refractory material durable up to high temperature. 
  • Low specific load rate supplies long-therm economical usage and low fuel consumption. 
  • To minimized heat losses and stand-by heat losses boiler covered with aluminium metal plate and 80 mm glass wool. 
  • Because of it's compact design it min occupies less space with high energy performance.


 Optional equipments

  • Turbulators 
  • Control panel (Standard or PLC controlled)
    • 2 boiler control thermostats
    • 1 safety limit thermostat
    • 1burner on\off switch
    • 1 boiler thermometer





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