Degasser Tanks

According to the Degasser Type and Boiler room placement manufacturing horizontal or vertical, cylindrical type with dished head and by      (St. 37) material. 1-2mm thicker than the sheet thickness is selected from a normal tank. Against the vacuum, interior of the tanks reinforcing by NPI-NPU profiles. In the interior of the Dome mounting flanges and other necessary fittings mounting flanges located on the tank. Other necessary fittings attachment flanges, steam distribution manifolds and pipes located on the bottom of tank for mix type heating. Dissolved oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the feeding water causes damage to metal surfaces on the steam line and steam boiler. To separate corrosive gases from the boiler feeding water;  Carbon dioxide at 60 degree and oxygen at over 100 degree are separated in the feed water because of feed water is divided into small droplets and steam heating. The process of dividing to every bit of the feed water is done with sprinkler system in the thermal degasser system.

Degasser dome: The tank and condenser outer surface is painted with two coats of anticorrosion paint. Degasser dome is coated with suitable density and thickness of the wire rock wool. Optionally, the tank isolated by galvanized, aluminum or stainless sheet metal.


Degasser fixtures (Optional): 

  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Thermostatic steam valve
  • Steam and water connection valves
  • By-pass valves
  • Level control devices
  • Drain valve
  • Water outlet valve
  • Automatic degassing valve
  • Glass pipe water level indicator
  • Manometer
  • Thermometer
  • Capacity, quality, price, ease of operation and maintenance are taken into consider in the fixture selection.


Condensate Tank

Located end of the return line of system and and these tanks acting like collecting center.The Steam of the system losses its temperature during circulation and collected in the condansate tank. Condansate tanks prevent the thermal shocks cause of these temperature loss. Prevent energy waste to atmosphere, provide a sum of energy gain.  By the help of heating serpantine feeding water temperature increasing. Feeding water keeps its temperature in condansate tank and provide energy saving .  Also the condansate tank isolated body prevents heat losses     

  • Type                                   : Cylindirical Type, Horizantal And Vertical Type, Dished Head
  • Design standart                  : AD2000 MERKBLATT-EN13445
  • Operating Pressure            : 0,2-0,3 bar
  • Operating Temperature      : 102 ⁰C
  • Isolation                              : Rock woll or glass woll.
  • Material                               : Manufactured from P265GH or P295GH boiler plate appropriate to EN10028


  • According to demands inside and outside surfaces of tank can be made completely sandblasting SA21/2.
  • Hydrostatic tests are control deformations and prevent  any leakage
  • Welding controls, NDT inspection and radiografic examinations are done.
  • These have CE certificate from TUV-SUD.
  • Appropriate to European Standards For Pressure Vessels Directive 2014/68/EU 
  • Hydrostatic tests done under authorised and independent third organizations TUV, Loyd, Bruea Veritas
  • TS EN ISO 2001:2015 Quality Management System is applying
  • All our welders authorised by Turkish Loyd according to EN15216
  • Our products are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing faults