OILmass Boiler

Solid Fuel Fired, Serpantine Wrapped Piped, Automatic Loaded, Vertical Type & Bottom Furnaced Thermal Oil Boilers


OILmass Boiler

KKYK Type Solid Fuel Fired Thermal Oil Boilers

  • Serpantine wrapped vertical hot oil boilers with bottom Furnace
  • According to the capacities,  pipes are wrapped as one,  two or three screw-steps.
  • Solid Fuel meets with burning box inside the furnace through the helezones
  • According to Boiler capacities quantity of feeding system is changing
  • Burning boxes have very special and unique modular design with higher quality of nickel inside the body
  • The burnin box cooled by air. It has special design with air canals
  • Burning occurs on the top of burning box
  • Boiler body is insulated with rock wool and covered by stainless steel or aluminium sheet metal against to the heat losses.
  • By some regulations and modifications, its possible to burn some other type of solid fuels such as prina, wood pieces, almond Shell etc…


Optional Equipments for Package Systems  

  • Thermal oil Circulation pump group
  • Control collector (inlet-outlet)
  • Digital flow thermometer
  • Digital return thermometer
  • Differential pressure switch
  • Safety pressure switch
  • Chimney safety termostad
  • Fuel feeding unite ( storage bunker, reducer, burning fan, helezones)

Except package unites other auxiliary equipments to fullfill the hot oil system should be seperately supplied: Expansion Tank, Degasser, Chimney, Reserve Oil Tank, Transfer Pump And Accessories