Condensing, Liquid Fuel and Gas Fuel fired Boliers. Provide fuel save %15-20. Manufacturing according to 2009/142/AT , 92/42 AT , TS EN 303-1 and TS EN 15417



OYPK Type Condensing Hot Water Boilers

  • Provide fuel save %15-20
  • Provide the need of heating of buildings and residences
  • Low fuel consumption,  low smoke gas emission,  Compact Designed and Eco-Friendly Boiler
  • This boilers are designed as 3 pass combustion and circulation principle,  structure of furnace cylindrical type.
  • Due to the optimum pipe localization and easy smoke box usage no need turbulators for fire tubes and provide easy cleaning. 
  • Provide long life and easy usage with dimension of optimum combustion chamber and heat distribution. 
  • Transient easily by the help of optimum water level.  Easy lay-out and installation with compact design. 
  • Pipes are designed as inclined to help easily discharged of condensate water.
  • Boiler body isolated with 80 mm.  Aluminum folio covered glass wool to provide minimum heat loss and less radiation loss .
  • There are special designed routing plaques to help homogenous heat distribution of boiler water volume
  • Fire tubes,  front and back side mirrors and other surfaces that under the influence of condensing are manufactured from high endurance stainless steel.
  • Manufacturing according to:  regulations for gas fired devices(2009/142/A)  and regulations for new hot water boiler(92/42A)  and TS EN 303-1,  15417 Regulations for Gas Fred Devices,  Regulations for New Hot Water Boiler


According to result of heat efficiency tests made by Turkish standards institution, efficiency values at 30°C return water of OYPK Type Ozmaksan Condensing Boiler are about %109,3